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Combing our talents was the fun part. First, I began focusing on the music for the meditation rooms. Being inspired by all the sound baths in Los Angeles using harmonic tonalities of crystal bowls, sound generators, and gongs, it became imperative for me to bring the same immersive sound experience into KameaVR. So, I invested in new instruments and started to really have fun. Next, I dove head first into visual design by learning 3D modeling, coding, and immersive production techniques through the likes of Unity3D, Blender, 3DS Max, and C4D. I availed myself to local production workshops at General Assembly, speaking events at UploadVR, online tutorials through Unity3D, Udemy, Lynda, and of course the unlimited homebrewed tutorial streams on Youtube.


My wife has a background in acting, music and writing. Yet, her passion for living a conscious lifestyle began soon after embarking a road to recovery 18 years prior. During that time she learned to meditate and explore different spiritual healing modalities to help support her nervous system, open her intuition, and live a happy sober life.


In the meditation arena, authenticity is such an important part of the equation, and her extensive knowledge of Kundalini Yoga, reiki, meditation and essential oils have been such an important part of the equation. I believe the app wouldn't be anywhere near as beautiful without her magical touch, and this tends to happen with anything that comes into her world.

James Emley

VR Designer, Composer, Computer Science Teacher

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James has a background in music, science education, and VR development. Having worked in the film industry as a composer and special f/x artist for the past 5 years, he has seen how immersive technologies have radically changed the way people digest media. Mobile technologies have most certainly brought on the most recent revolution of media consumption, but James sees how education, entertainment, and medicine will be vastly transformed through the immersive capabilities of virtual reality.  

His experience of computer science, education, music production, and sound design are combined to create a synergy of emotionally rich music and beautiful visuals that allow KameaVR to have the greatest holistic impact on the practitioner.  

Fiona Emley

 Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Artist, Essential Oils Educator

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Fiona Emley is an artist, Essential Oils Educator, & Kundalini Yoga Teacher. Her passion for living a conscious lifestyle started 18 years ago when embarking a road to recovery. Since then her knowledge of meditation, chanting, yoga, and the power of plant medicine have become an essential part of how she lives a happy sober lifestyle. 

She became inspired to become a educator after learning many different healing modalities, and locked into two specialities: essential oils and kundalini yoga. To her, helping people transform and become their best self is what gives her the biggest joy and sense of purpose. 

She loves working with her husband, and is so proud of KameaVR and where it's headed. 


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