Essential Oils & VR

Essential oils have been used throughout history for medicinal and therapeutic benefits. So, whether you need help boosting your immune system, aiding digestion, or enhancing your overall mood and wellbeing, essential oils are the perfect way to compliment your holistic journey & support your health goals.

In the world of Virtual Reality, using the sense of smell is the only sense they haven't quite perfected. Here at KameaVR we use only the highest grade essential oils to work with you in your chakra experience. 

Essential Oils are so powerful that they can actually go past the blood-brain barrier and go straight to the amygdala, where emotional memories are stored. They work so fast because they can penetrate through our cell membranes, going right to the root cause. 

In fact Pure CPTG Essential Oil work so fast that in.... 

22 seconds the molecules will reach the brain.

2 minutes they will be found in the blood stream.

20 minutes they will effect every cell in the body.

Pure & Potent

With all the essential oils out in the market today, it's hard to trust if they are 100% pure. Learn about the CPTG difference.

Chakras & Oils

Learn which Essential Oils are best to enhance your KAMEAVR chakra balancing experience. 

Ways to Use EO

The quality of essential oils matter. Learn how to use them safely and effectively for maximum benefits.

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