Using Virtual Reality as a Healing Modality

Right now, there are so many incredible avenues of research and start-up potentials within the VR / AR industry, and it seems that everyone has their own mega disruption idea these days. At the same time, this technology is still in the early phases of rapid, iterative development, so it's anybody's guess as to which industry may be affected next.


We personally feel that AR / VR devices have an immense potential to revolutionize the education and medical industries. Once the technology is accepted into the mainstream as a therapeutic device other than gaming, we will see some incredible changes begin to happen. Here at KameaVR, we personally look forward to the day when anxiety, pain, and depression may all be mitigated digitally without any chemical assistance or drug dependencies.  



KameaVr is a virtual reality chakra clearing experience. Designed specifically for the benefit of aligning and tuning yourself into well being and balance.

KameaVR can be enjoyed as a standalone virtual reality experience on the HTC Vive and Oculus Go systems, but our vision is to take it a step further and have it be experienced in a fully immersive, therapeutic healing pod environment. We have named this fully immersive interface as the "Kammersion Pod." The sensors would fully encompass the user in a visual, auditory, sub-harmonic, olfactory, and sensationally healing immersive environment.. Our main goal with KameaVR is to place this pod in wellness centers such as spas, clinics, and hospitals. The immersive aspect of this experience will include:

- Full body sub-harmonic sensations with the Subpac pad 

- DoTerra essential oil olfactory dispersion system 

- A full body anti-gravity reclining pod


We are also interested to work with other therapeutic companies to customize an experience for their own wellness programs and business needs. Seriously, the sky's the limit!  


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