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With the demands of the Digital Age upon us, we are experiencing levels of stress like never before. Symptoms of burn out, adrenal fatigue, and autoimmune disorders are becoming commonplace, because our human bodies were not built to withstand so much stimulus. In order to keep up we must learn new ways to unplug, regenerate our energy, and keep our nervous systems strong. 

Welcome to KameaVR. This virtual reality chakra meditation was designed to teach us what ancient practitioners have known for thousands of years: in order to achieve homeostasis one must release blocks of  stagnation and restore energetic balance,

What sets KameaVR apart from other meditation apps is its use of multiple modalities. Each chakra meditation synchronizes the use of color, mantra, subharmonics, and binaural beats directly correlated to the corresponding chakra. That with transcendent visuals and a warm guiding voice creates a powerfully relaxing, therapeutic experience. 

KameaVr can be enjoyed on two platforms - HTC Vive and Steam Online Market. Purchase and download the experience today to tap into your highest potential and discover the endless benefits of a chakra balancing using VR technology.  

​Adventurous spirit required.

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Over the past four months, KameaVR has showcased at three different events and has received some incredible feedback from top VR industry leaders. We have partnered with the group, Visual Reality, a wild consortium of Los Angeles technologists, artists, and healers, expressing themselves in the digital realm. Our friends and co-founders, Torkom Ji, Anshul Pendse, and Michael Strauss, are insanely creative, conscientious gentlemen, and we are excited to be amongst those who are pushing the frontier where technology meets mindful artistry.


In the meantime, we have also been approached by two different doctorate candidates doing research in therapeutic technology who are wanting to use KameaVR in their thesis project. As well as, releasing KameaVR on public forums such as the HTC Vive website and the Steam video game marketplace.

What People Are Saying


"The music is so blissful..."


"Helps the human spirit get rid of the negative and restore the positive."


"I cannot remember the last time I was this relaxed."


"I was able to get lost and have a very real positive experience."


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